Sunday, May 17, 2015

Work is proceeding on campaign management software

I have been working a little on the Middelsae campaign I mentioned earlier but mostly I am on working on (optionally partly) online campaign campaign management software. My plan is to develop this software in stages, going from a simple prototype with few features and adding features until I can support the campaign I envision.

The first test will be a simple unconnected scenario using a free-kriegspiel approach, with limited intel for the players, and with photos of the miniatures battlefield taken from the vantage points of participants in the battle. Each side will have a briefing and none of the players will have certain knowledge of the situation. I will be the referee and will use a (unpublished) rules set that the participants will not be familiar with.

I am not going to give any timeline for when I expect to have something ready to play, but when I get to the point that I think I can run a scenario like the one I mentioned I will post an announcement here and try to line up some playtesters. Initially scenarios will be very simple with just 2 players, but I think that can be relaxed in the second run if more are interested in participating.