Saturday, June 27, 2015

Experimental Free Kriegspiel PBP Game Set in Middelsae

I will be running an experimental free kriegspiel game by PBP at, exact location TBD. It will be a skirmish game set in a more or less early medieval campaign (but don't be surprised if some of the figures are as early as Hellenistic era, or if some of the knights look 13th C.) with some degree of magic although it will not overpower play. I want to start the game on July 6, 2015. There are only 2 positions in this game.

The way it will work is that each side will be given a private briefing which will include photos of the situation as it might be viewed by one of the members of their faction. The number of units per side will be small, maybe 2 or 3. The players will give orders and establish some guidelines for their side, and I will play out the game using rules being developed by me. The public part of the results will be posted in a public location while the private part will be sent by PM to the players themselves.

I plan initially for this game to only be 10 turns long (although if the outcome is in doubt and both players want to it might go longer). There will be 2 sets of orders per turn. I hope to run 2 or 3 turns in a week, so the game should be over in a month. Please don't ask to play if you might not meet that level of commitment.

If you are interested and want to play in the game starting July 6 please let me know. If you are interested but can't play in this round, I plan to run more games in the future.


I have 3 participants now, so there are no more openings. I'll get the briefings mailed out over the weekend and play will start next week.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Work is proceeding on campaign management software

I have been working a little on the Middelsae campaign I mentioned earlier but mostly I am on working on (optionally partly) online campaign campaign management software. My plan is to develop this software in stages, going from a simple prototype with few features and adding features until I can support the campaign I envision.

The first test will be a simple unconnected scenario using a free-kriegspiel approach, with limited intel for the players, and with photos of the miniatures battlefield taken from the vantage points of participants in the battle. Each side will have a briefing and none of the players will have certain knowledge of the situation. I will be the referee and will use a (unpublished) rules set that the participants will not be familiar with.

I am not going to give any timeline for when I expect to have something ready to play, but when I get to the point that I think I can run a scenario like the one I mentioned I will post an announcement here and try to line up some playtesters. Initially scenarios will be very simple with just 2 players, but I think that can be relaxed in the second run if more are interested in participating.